How Can Sealing Glass Preforms
Make the Difference?

Precision-Engineered Shapes

Our glass solder preforms are meticulously crafted into a variety of shapes - rods, tubes, discs, and more - tailored to meet the exact specifications of your sealing needs.

Customized Glass Composition

Each preform is composed of specially formulated glass, designed to match the thermal expansion properties of different metals, ensuring a perfect seal every time.

Uniform Quality and Consistency

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes guarantee uniformity in size, shape, and composition, delivering unparalleled consistency across batches.
Featured Product
Low Temperature Glass Preform
Designed for use in applications where excessive heat can damage sensitive components, our low-temperature glass preform melts and forms a seal at temperatures significantly lower than traditional glass materials.
Corrosion-Resistant Glass Preform
Ensure unparalleled longevity for lithium-ion batteries with our corrosion-resistant glass preforms. Designed for cap seals, they withstand prolonged electrolyte exposure under extreme conditions, safeguarding against leakage and contamination. Trust our glass preforms to enhance battery life, proving essential for reliability and safety in every charge cycle.
Glass Preforms VS Sealing Glass Powder

Your choice between granulated powder and glass preforms depends on your specific needs,

the capabilities of your manufacturing process, cost considerations, and convenience.

  • Glass Preforms

    If you prefer convenience and simplicity, choosing glass preforms can streamline your manufacturing process. Ideal for when you don't have pressing capabilities in-house or when you want to bypass the complexities of pressing, preforms provide a ready-to-use solution that can significantly enhance efficiency and consistency.

  • Sealing Glass Powder

    If you have your own pressing process and are looking for maximum control or aiming to reduce costs, granulated powder might be the right choice for you. This allows you to utilize your existing capabilities to create preforms exactly as you need them, offering unparalleled flexibility in design and production.

Glass Preform Manufacturing:
Process and Key Considerations
  • Raw Material Selection
  • Batch Preparation
  • Forming the Preforms
  • Precision Shaping
  • Quality Control
  • Packaging and Shipping

Raw Material Selection

Quality Glass Powder

The process begins with the selection of high-quality oxides. The composition of the glass is chosen based on the intended application and desired properties, such as melting point, thermal expansion, and chemical resistance.


Sometimes, additional materials are added to modify the properties of the glass, like improving flow characteristics or changing the thermal expansion coefficient.

Batch Preparationn


The glass powder and any additives are thoroughly mixed to ensure uniformity.


The mixture is then melted in a furnace at high temperatures, typically several hundred degrees Celsius, depending on the type of glass.

Ball Milling

The melt is cooled and then ball milled to achieve a fine, homogenous powder with a consistent particle size.


This powder is sieved to remove any oversized particles, ensuring a uniform particle size distribution.


The sieved powder is granulated, turning it into larger, more manageable granules to improve the flow characteristics, making it easier to handle.

Forming the Preforms


The molten glass is formed into preforms using various methods.


For simpler shapes, a press is used to mold the molten glass.


For rod-like or tubular shapes, the molten glass may be drawn out to the required diameter and length.


Extrusion can be used for more complex shapes, where the glass is forced through a die.


After forming, the preforms are cooled at a controlled rate to prevent internal stresses.

Precision Shaping

Grinding and Polishing

The preforms are ground and polished to achieve precise dimensions and surface finish.

CNC Machining

For more complex shapes, CNC machining might be employed for high precision.

Quality Control


Each preform undergoes rigorous inspection for dimensions, surface quality, and material properties.


Tests may include thermal and chemical resistance tests, as well as checks for any internal stresses.

Packaging and Shipping

Safe Packaging

Preforms are carefully packaged to prevent damage during transportation.


Packaging can be customized based on client specifications, especially for sensitive or high-precision components.

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